Bangkok chatuchak lockers

Weekend landing on Bangkok? Want to head straight to chatuchak shopping and checkin hotel next to save some precious time?

Sadly, there is no luggage locker in chatuchak, but only small lockers for small bags and backpack:!Where-is-the-Locker-at-Chatuchak-JJ-market/m...

Really, only the size as seen in above link. You can push your hand carry luggage in. So better checkin and drop your back. Dragging luggage and shopping will make you feels like joined tour de france.

And last, if you are coming for fashion and Thailand handmade, please come during weekend only. Weekday's chatuchak is just like a dead zone and feeling surreal. Except Tuesday afternoon after 3pm, chatuchak will turn into a huge flower market from small table top plants to trees of 2 floors high.